Explore Mykonos With Safety

PAKMAN IKE as the Lessor and the undersigned.
called the Hirer hereby agree and mutually accept the following.

1) Lessor hereby rents to Hirer the motorcycle specifically described overleaf, which tha latter has carefully examined and found it in excellent mechanical condition. and with all accessories and Hirer is responsible to return it in exactly the same condition.

2) The Hirer is responsible: a) for damages or injuries caused by the vehicle to property or persons (passengers or not). b) for any damage caused to the vehicle “force major” included, (the above term is also valid if the vehicle is parked) c) and shall pay any lines for traffic violations as well as idle time due to removal of plates.

3) The Hirer must: a) in case of damage, or accident inform immediately the Lessor and the competent authorities. if required, b) in case of accident cooperate with the lessor and the insurance company by providing names of with nesses and useful information.

4) If the hirer does not return the vehicle on the time of agreement, the vehicle will by law be considered illegal possession. The hirer will be prosecuted by law. (If the hirer informs about the probable delay there will be no prosecution, only an extra half day charge for the first three (3) hours and a full day extra charge if the three (3) hours are exceeded).

5) You are NOT ALLOWED to travel with this bike outside of Mykonos island

6) ln case of stealing the hirer has the responsibility.

7) In case of flat tire the hirer must pay an amount of 7.35 – 58.70 €.

8) The hirer reserves the right to repossess the vehicle at any time without notice, at the customer’s expense, if the vehicle is used in violation of this agreement and it must immediately be returned.

9) Only the person(s) referred to in the agreement will be permitted to drive the vehicle.